Hyaluronic Acid is one type of acids that will make your skin plump, hydrates skin by drawing in moisturiser from surrounding environment and it also work as the best anti-aging solution. You can say that it contained moisture binding ingredient. This is a good choice of skincare ingredients if you do not have any choice for skincare that is oil free. Some people can just use hyaluronic serum without moisturiser, however for me, I need to use 2 layer of moisturiser after hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is suitable to be use for all skin types and its very well recommended for dry to very dry skin. Again, this is my skincare sequence for those of you who happened to have dry skin same as me. I already write down skincare sequence for all skin type in here. According to Paula Choices, Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance in skin that has the stunning capacity to attaract and hold vast amount of moisture. It work overtime by replenishing skin to enhance a healthy look and feel.Benefit of adding Hyaluronic acid to our skincare routine

As we grow, our skin also change. Loses the ability to preserve moisture, which resulting to visible loss of firmness, pliability, and plumpness. Hyaluronic acid is the solution to that. The ability to replenish moisture that is crucial for having a skin that look younger and supple.

Sodium Hyaluronate

It’s derived from Hyaluronic acid itself that will be easily to absorb than hyaluronic acid but it doesn’t make that this one will gonna be better than the other one. It’s very well recommended to use both for you skin so that the skin can reap more benefit


About Skin O2 Hyaluronic Serum

I try this product from Skin O2, I did try hyaluronic acid from Banish, Cosmetica and Drunk Elephant before. Hysluronic serum from Skin O2 and Cosmetica is almost in the same level. If I gonna do rankings:

#1 Skin O2

#2 Cosmetica

#3 Banish

#4 Drunk Elephant

Skin O2 Hyaluronic acid comes in gel form and it does keep the moisturiser intact and I feel that it also support the benefit of Vitamin C serum and the multivitamin face cream that they sent me. From the time being that I use hyaluronic acid, my skin never feel dry and no acne/pimples. Normally, I will have problem with balancing between the face cream.  If I use too much moisturiser acne and pimples will comes, if I use less, my skin will dehydrated and in that case my base makeup will never going to look flawless.

I use 2 layer of moisturiser in the night and one layer of moisturiser in the morning, right after applying hyaluronic acid. I did feel so happy when looking up my face that is plump and bright. Hyaluronic acid helps face cream to sustain the moist in my face overnight.

Supports skin rejuvenation by enhancing the skin’s natural ability for retaining moisture content as its transdermal bioactive formula helps to reduce fine lines and open pores while the collagen mask gives instant plumpness and a healthy glow.

Essential for mature skin, to be worn under makeup to reduce the signs of dry and ageing skin. Beneficial for all skin types. Contains medical-grade stabilised hyaluronic acid combined with collagen plus Vitamins A, C, E. Use daily with moisturiser and sunscreen 30+.


How to use:

Use after glycolic acid and Vitamin C serum. Apply and massage in the whole face so that the skin can absorb it quickly, if your face turned into red when you massage is because your skin is dry and the skin is absorbing the acids. Use face moisturiser that is oil and fragrance free and non-comedogenic formula, to get the good result. Your skin should feel plump and hydrate the next morning. You need to use in the morning and day time or every after you wash your face.


Ratings: 4.8 out of 5

Price: USD $ 54.03 (use code 1FELIC to get 10% discount and code 1FELIC30 to get casj back of $30.00 when you purchase $62.00)

Size: 15ml

Where to buy? Skin O2 – ship worldwide


It does work as
moisture binding

Wakeup with skin
feeling plump and smooth.



Hyaluronic acid always come in smaller size and the price is almost similar to Vitamin C serum


Product outlook

It comes with droplet applicator with glass bottle that is brown in colour. The droplet applicator is unique because of the tip is not straight but slopping.










Will I recommend the product?  Yes.

Is the brand include on these following:  Natural/Organic/Man made or Vegan? Vegan

Possibilities of acne/allergic or any trouble for the ingredients? None. It’s oil free formula. Hyaluronic acid SHOULD NOT give any acnes or skin allergic.

Is it animal cruelty free brand or NOT? Does it sold in territories that do the testing? Yes. it’s against animal cruelty

How does it smell? No smell

How does it feel in skin (absorption rate – for skincare)? Very absorbing since my skin is dry. The skin is thirsty with moisturiser

How many days it takes to see the results? 1 day

How many times does it takes to see the results? First time use already can see the result but my self-doubting that hyaluronic acid from Skin O2 can  work in brilliant way then try the second time, the result still the same.

How long the testing does takes?  2 week


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