WORTH IT or THROW IT: BENEFIT HOOLA in Natural bronze review and swatches

WORTH IT or THROW IT: BENEFIT HOOLA in Natural bronze review and swatches
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Hello makeup junkie. Today post is about BENEFIT HOOLA matte bronzer. I love this contour and Too Faced Milk chocolate Soleil that will be review after this post. I always use this bronzer and the first purchase is the travel size. The color of this bronzer is suitable for my skin tone, which is neutral. No skin problem after using this, and the color is very well pigmented and non-powdery. If you are someone who want to try applying contour for the first time then you can use this for the first time and by in travel size.

Overall, I have no regret buying this. The travel size bronzer can stay for about 1 year +, if the color of the powder changes then you need to throw it away and change the place of keeping your makeup because chances are the protection of the place is not enough. Environment and sunray could change your makeup condition. There is 2 color for this bronzer powder and on this post I only review the natural bronze color. The other color is natural light bronze which is in HOOLA Lite series.


This bronzer claimed to be natural matte finishing. This bronzer is awarded as the best bronzer by NYLON Beauty Award 2014 and #1 best-selling Prestige Bronzer in US.

What it said on BENEFIT website?

Dust this award-winning bronzing powder over your chin, cheeks and forehead for a healthy, natural-looking “tan” year-round. It’s pure matte color…no sparkle or shine!

Sun-kissed glow

Great for contouring

Soft, natural-bristle brush included

What I do for this bronzer powder?

I using this to provide me with natural looking contour, since I am an Asian and I like to apply contour as well and with this natural skin tone,  I gonna try to learn how to contour? That’s what in my mind for the first time purchasing a bronzer powder.

What you need to know?

I only review the BENEFIT HOOLA IN NATURAL BRONZE COLOUR on this post.



Product series and type: HOOLA. Bronzer powder

Finishing: Natural Matte

Color: Natural bronze and Natural light bronze (HOOLA lite)

Price:  For 4.0 g – SGD 26.00 / USD 15.00 and For 8.0 – SGD 51.00 / USD 9.00

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Where to buy? Sephora or Benefit official website or other retail that hold this brand.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


Dust onto chin, cheeks and forehead to sculpt and define.

Starting under cheekbones, use circular motions to blend upwards onto the cheeks.

Use short brush strokes down towards the chin for an easy, everyday contoured look.

Buff along the temple and top of the forehead for even radiance

How I use?

Use your most favourite contour brush and dust it below your cheek bone, you need to say “OOH” and found the area that is curved inside. Swipe it according to your need, each skin tone is different. DO NOT use it too excessively or else it will be hard to blend and it will look like you are doing it in harsh way. Wait for a while while you applying your lashes, then blend in. if you feel there is something wrong or it doesn’t look sharp enough then try to use your setting powder in below the contour area and swipe it like you do for your contour then ‘bake’ it. I use MAC prep + Prime to tackle this. It’s really good for setting up the highlight contrast around below contour and in the nose bone located in the center.



Curated in boxes kind of packaging, very thick and good quality, summer vibes, with purple mixed with dark red colour. Brushes and mirror is available inside. Its square box.




Rating 5 out of 5:

Good for natural looking contour

Very well pigmented

Non-powdery effect

It last for way too long, 1 years + for only travel size

No acne problem what so ever


Will I recommend the product?  Yes.

Will I repurchased the product?  I have already purchase the actual size 80 g


Have you try HOOLA Benefit yet? Spill some tea on the comment.


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