KISS ME: SEPHORA EXTREME LIQUID LIPSTICK in 08 Outrageous Rouge Review and Swatches

KISS ME: SEPHORA EXTREME LIQUID LIPSTICK in 08 Outrageous Rouge Review and Swatches

SEPHORA EXTREME LIQUID LIPSTICK is matte finishing with strong alcohol smell, I have no ideas about the alcohol smell, but this liquid lipstick is really very sustainable even I drink hot water eating hot food or even wipe my lip with tissue. It doesn’t come off, except when I have to use my L’Oreal makeup remover that alone have to sacrifice lots of my beauty cotton.

In my own experience of using it, I hate the smell of alcohol. Due to the thought that “maybe… it’s not alcohol smell at all, maybe other ingredients that have similar smell to that of alcohol” so I went to search for this lippie ingredients and what I found is beyond belief.

Its common that beauty brand doesn’t expose any of them ingredientsBUT I wasn’t expect that it will come from SEPHORA.  After quite sometimes writing a beauty blog, my finding is really can make my readers eyes opening, if I going to talked about everything, it won’t be one blog post. From the product itself to the social media marketing…. It just….. only one word “beauty brands is there to make money, no matter what happened to the customer after you buy and used it, is not them to be responsible” except, if it’s involve mass amount of victim.

There are NONE of ingredients stated in Sephora website. For this lippie review, I don’t indicate ingredients for most of them, because this is consider as mini review. If I found any odd feeling while using it, then I will go through of the ingredients. for this EXTREME liquid lipstick, yes it does sustained for long time. Some of review from other blogger that I read, stated that it lasted 2 two days. Of course it lasted, if it’s contained that much of alcohol.

Went to check on Sephora US, Singapore and Indonesia site. They do not sell this product anymore. The packaging is cute and adorable but when you opened it up. It just very strong smell of alcohol. I am very much aware if the product ingredients is nowhere can be found. I won’t recommend you to choose this liquid lipstick, because LimeCrime have friendly ingredients, its vegan and cruelty free brand, it’s also contained moistfull ingredients, if you ever want to find a lip matte that sustain for long hours BUT NOT 2 DAYS. I don’t really feel there is any point to buy 2 days lasting liquid lipstick that have strong smell.

How to use:

Open the cap and use it by swiping in the lips accordingly. Try to draw your lips with lip liner if you wanted to make it look even nicer. Re-application is not needed for this lippie, because its tested to last 2 days.

To remove, use makeup remover that contained oil or moisturiser, I use L’Oréal Makeup remover for this. Using Micellar water won’t wiped up it easily. You also need to apply lip balm or exfoliate your lips right after you removed it, with the concerned that if alcohol stayed in your lips even a bit, it does change your lips look and moist. DO NOT LEFT any ALCOHOL BEHIND.

Ratings: -1

This is the first time I ever give rating that is minus but really I can’t even give zero for this product, because alcohol will dry up lips and let the epidermis skin which is the outer layer that cover our lips turned into death skin cells that will lead to internal bleeding. you can read in glossary

The other reason I give it minus is because removing alcohol is not that easy and to remove this lippie is even troublesome. Even thou it’s last for 2 days BUT who really need a lippie that last 2 days. Making alcohol stay in lips for way too long, it just adding some more lethal ingredient into our body.

Finishing: matte

Color code: 08 Outrageous Rouge

Things to consider upon buying: No ingredients listed, strong smell of Man Made ingredients.


As you can see that the applicator is quite unique because it kind of side ward stick. The tips of the applicator is same with Ultra Shine Lip Gel which is flat and this applicator is my favorite because I have thin upper lips and the applicator will make the application easier for left and right side inner corner of my lips.

Have you try Sephora Extreme Liquid Lipstick? Spill some tea 🍵 in comment.


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