Before blogging

Before blogging


I can’t help but to fall with blogging, I don’t
know where I got the ideas but I only know that I want to do blogging, not
because for fame or being popular. I just feel that I love love writing, typing
and facing people and I love beauty. So, what I do? I will just share it to
people, whether or not they will comment or follow my blog or social media it’s
other matter to me, I never really feel that is necessary.
Up till now I never thought that my blog
will be read by more than 10000 just before it reached 1 years old. I wanted to
change it into website that is user friendly and easy to access in all gadget. At
first, there is not much people who supporting me in doing this, not even my
long time friends, by the fact that they set their mindset that blogging is for
those who want ‘fame’ actually it’s not like that, if let’s say that I do that for fame, why not just making Instagram account and posting makeup flatlay, like those influencer, who done nothing than to post pretty picture and yet still get invited here and there. They do that without even having a blog. If I did really want to be  famous, then why do I need to purchase domain, web hosting and trying to pay this site bills every month that almost same with buying 1 foundation of high end brand. I met blogger in UK and USA, and seldom know about blogger from Singapore or Indonesia .. eheem.. I mean influencer since what they have is only Instagram and few of them having YouTube channel. So, back again with UK and US blogger, they do love blogging and have a proper job at the office, live like a normal human being, doesn’t act like they are famous and well we just love blogging.

it’s like you love to drink a cup of tea, and you must drink it every morning or it’s like, you love singing, so you keep singing whenever you feel it. I always never thought that myself have any talent
or can do one stagnant things that I love.
I don’t feel that I will eventually have a hobby, I have no
ideas that writing or typing like this can be make me happy, especially sharing about what I know in beauty, almost every day I type
all the review, beauty tips and everything. Sharing and turned out I receive positivity,
yea.. there is some bad things happened on Instagram, normally people just love
checking on you, give you prank that most people called it ‘bullies’, how I dealt
with it? delete the comment and ignore it. Instagram NOW can set any bad
comment off. So, bye pranks peoples. Hahaha..
I have experience about beauty because my
dad are selling local brands and the fact that I get the basic of makeup
ingredients from him.. it feels kinda.. you know, he is a man but he know a
lot, like shampoo ingredients, those blusher and the last thing I told him is
about glitter and he say “don’t use this too much, no good” just by he looking
at it with his eyes. I mean.. like for real? And always be “don’t use makeup
too much, it will dull your skin, use moisturiser..” hahahaha.. so, I get the healthy
skin all because of that rules, no makeup at home only when go out, and always
do skincare. Oh especially hair dye, oohh.. god! He hated it. I know!! Hair dye
is the brilliant part of changing our looks but ya know, hair dye can make your
hair turned into white real fast, just the ammoniac, even if the box stated
otherwise, yet its still. Really.. I never thought about it. you could say that
my brain are feed up by beauty ingredients right when I was 14 years old, now… I
be blogging about it and most of the part, I agree with my dad, hahaha..
We are now not selling those local brands
due to the issues that few of them are being discharged by selling unsafe
cosmetics, lots of things happened, sometimes we cannot keep look up the ingredients one by one and do
the check. For example, if you use too much lippie makeup, it can turned your lips to dark. It’s
indeed happened. If you reaching 27 years old it’s better to stay intensify
with your skincare need.
I guess that what from now on. Hope you
enjoy. Many more to come on this personal stories part of mine

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