Makeup tutorial: How to ‘darken’ yours liquid lips color?

Makeup tutorial: How to ‘darken’ yours liquid lips color?

Hello pretty woman with your seductory look of my blog, thank you xo much for coming back often to this simple blog, hahaha.. I am being so so lame here. So, today I gonna give you, one trick. I hope you never ever know this trick and I hope FELICCINE is the first source you ever heard about this tutorial ever, please do share to your friends, because it’s useful. Thank you for that.

If you already read my LimeCrime review, you know about this tutorial. I will say that my sister is the one who bought all of the LimeCrime and she unsatosfy with the 2 color of the lippie, she want it darker, deeper color, bold color.  Before we go on with the tutorial, what you need to do is:

1. Choose a dark color eyeshadow if you want to darken your liquid lipstick and vice versa. Choose wisely, and select the undertone in which you like most.

2. Crush the eyeshadow. You can use a metal mini spatula or any tweezers to crush it.

3. Use a metal ear picks (from Daiso or dollar store) to scoop the crushed eyeshadow powder and pour it into the liquid lips. It will be messy, so cover your table with tissue paper or something.

 4.  Screw on the cap, and shake it well. After you see the color mixed evenly, try it on to see if it’s to your liking. otherwise, repeat step 3.


Happy experimenting! Let me know you result afterwards! Comment down below for anything that tuck in your mind. You can ask about anything. I will check your comment and reply to you.


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