First impression and review: Getting plumped with Skin O2

First impression and review: Getting plumped with Skin O2

Welcome back to my blog, how are you? Hope you doing good this coming week. So, today this post will be about Skin O2 and i have this package sent to my mailing address. The package consist of peptide eye cream. This eye cream function is to plumped skin around
your eyes. Upon using this product I encounter several changes with my eyes condition. As you guys know that my under eyes tone is darker than my overall face and it’s hereditary from my mom, therefore I often use vitamin c which is from Drunk elephant, as you guys know that Vitamin C work to brighten up skin. Moreover, Vitamin C doesn’t do anything with sagging looking skin around my eyelids and under eyes. Therefore, I requested Narelle from Skin O2 to deliver me with the eye cream and I pretty sure that their skincare product going to work.

The testing period is about 1.5 month. The package also consist of platinum eyelift.



This hydrating eye cream contains regenerative vitamins, plant cell extract and anti-ageing peptides clinically proven to help plump, fill and prevent fine lines and increase skin renewal around the delicate eye area, as well as lip lines, crows feet, frown and forehead lines.

Tip: For an extra and instant lift, apply Platinum Eyelift Powder Matrix Boost before eyecream.

How to use:

It’s also available in the box

Firstly, you cut of in half the platinum eyelift and then place the powder in your palm

Second, apply it around the eyes area that you want by patting it, the powder will become like a cream dissolve and blend to your skin

Lastly, use the peptide eye cream around the area that you put the platinum eyelift.

You may smell something like a medicine smell from the platinum eyelift but that’s ok, because the smell is not very strong and it’s nothing to worry about, since this brand also dermatologist tested.

Price: $ 120.00 (SGD 129.64)

The platinum eyelift ONLY cost about $ 54.34 or SGD 74.54, therefore Save $69.00! [Eye cream for $120 & Platinum Eyelift for $69]

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5


It work to plump up the skin around the eyes.

No allergies or skin problem at all

There are many discount code that you can use to buy the product from this brand.

The website did tell you which product that worth to buy and how you can save your $$


The platinum eyelift is not so easy to use because of the bottle, and it must be placed with cautious because the lid cannot be close. I have to wrap it using plastic and glue, so that it won’t pour down. It best to change the packaging

Using only peptide eye cream without the platinum eyelift won’t give the best result.

This skincare is quite costly yet worth it, if you are career woman between the age 25 years old and above I recommend you to buy this product, however if you are teenager and still doing part time job, except if you really are having worst skin aging during your age then this is not what you need.

Product outlook:

The jar is rounder and quite small in my taste, it looks like glass looking jar with blurry glass but it’s just plastic. With transparent blurrish look and the lid color is made of silver color, the label indicate the product type with bold black color font. Inside the packaging there is completed and detailed direction in using the product and the product information. SKIN O2 always use black color box for the packaging with silver font color, it does look very exclusive and unique for beauty product to be wrapped like that, because it doesn’t make like kind of ‘medical’ smell, to be carry everywhere it does lookvery luxurious and ‘expensive’


My experience using the product

Before using this product, I always have problem with my under eyes, and I often use Becca under eyes brightening color corrector to hide it, I know that this is gonna be problematic since I am not getting younger by years, and my eyes skin seems always sagging.

When I apply foundation, I could see that the foundation created a line surrounding the eyes like a curve, that’s because my under eyes skin is wrinkle due to the dryness. Am I panicked? Yes. Even thermal water spring can’t solve it. I have to rely on my Lancome Teint Miracle foundation, since its illuminating finishing and my under eyes ‘curve’ problem is not really spotted as long as I use the setting powder and the color corrector.

Makeup is good to hide our skin flaw but it won’t recover the problem. I was hopeless when I try L’Oréal eye contour cream because it doesn’t really change anything and other product as well that will give more moisturiser to my skin. Till I try the peptide eye cream from Skin O2 and see the changes, therefore I decided to write this long blogpost. If you asked me, if I getting paid to write this stuff. I answer ‘NO’. I am not because they just sending a gift to me.

Will I recommend the product?


Will I repurchased the product?


Is the brand include on these following:  Natural/Organic/Man made or Vegan?


Possibilities of acne/allergic or any trouble for the ingredients?


Is it animal cruelty free brand or NOT? Does it sold in territories that do the testing?

Dermatologist tested, vegan and animal cruelty free. Only sold in Korea, Middle East and Australia but ship worldwide

How does it smell?

A little of medicine smell

How does it feel in skin (absorption rate)?

Absorb quickly, 97%

How many days it takes to see the results?

About 7 days of usage, twice a day – morning and night

How long the testing does takes?

1.5 month

Where the brand comes from?





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