Impression: THE FACE SHOP GEL TOUCH NAILS in black glitter

Impression: THE FACE SHOP GEL TOUCH NAILS in black glitter

Welcome back to my blog. Today post will be about nail, and I guess you guys already know since
the cover is the nail polish. The nail polish is from The Face Shop, its Korean brand. The reason I bought this nail polish
is because the artistic looking when I sweep into my nail. However, this nail polish is not gonna dry quickly and the texture is different than the other nail polish that I bought, probably due to the silver glitter.

I do like this nail polish because it’s kinda have the feel of glamour looking, and it’s looks like I just done nail art in nail beauty service when actually it’s just nail polish. When you used it, remember to let it dry about 5-1o minutes then apply the top coat still have to wait 5-10 minutes. It looks like the finishing is gonna be rough but if you apply it correctly and when you feel your nail it’s gonna be soft, like other nail polish that you use.

How you think the nail polish? is it pretty?



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