Hello fans of pretty nails, this post will be about DIY nails that I have been showing you on Instagram (@feliccine) and it’s so easy to just do it, as long as you have determination to do it. however, having long nails probably hinder you to do some housework, even to wipe your butt after going to the toilet, hahahahha.. But actually, the only things from housework that will be hindered is cooking, sweeping the
floor and doing laundry probably not. If you wear contact lens like me, you need to extra careful when taking out your contact lens or else your eyes will get hurt and when you apply skincare and makeup.

By that, I suggest you to do it on either Thursday or Friday night. The day before you going out with friends or go to party. Here is the step: (sorry for not providing good picture. I hope my explanation is clear enough for you but if it’s not, then you can just ask me freely)

All of the stuff I bought at Daiso, except the manicure set, and the nail polish.

Manicure set is my mommy gift to me, when I moved to Singapore. The nail polish is from Catrice and the glitter nail polish is from Sally Hansen.

Step 1. Prepare all the neccesities.

The manicure set, the nail glue, the nails – you can choose the design whether you want the square or the oval design, and then the nail polish that you want you nail to be polished, and if you want be artistic, adding glitter is cute too.

Square or Oval for you?
This is Oval, and I chose oval for this DIY
Square design
The glue, this glue is like double tape, very easy to use but doesn’t really sustained for many days.

2 manicure set that you will need, left one is to beautify your nails after you cut it with scissors and the right one is to help you with the nails glue, even thou that is not the function for this (right) tools
you can cut it with scissors, no other than this, you cannot really cut a plastic nails with nail cutter. it’s simply not easy.

Step 2.

Cut the nail one by one, matches it with your finger nails.

Step 3.

Try to manicure the nail, firstly cut it with scissors then used the manicure set to make the nails looks nicer and neat

Step 4.

Put the glue by matching it with the nail sizes, put it at the back of the nails

Step 5.

Take out the glue like on the picture then put it in your finger, press with long and consistent pressure, after that polish you nails and left it be. Repeat this step till all your fingers done. Probably you need someone to help you to put the nails. I doing all by myself by simply waiting the nail polish to be dried out then I put the nail for pointed finger and mother thumb nails.

Last step,

After put all you can put glitter nail polish to make it a little bit cute and extravagant 🙂

And, Finally:

Gonna reveal this nail polish brand and color tomorrow. Hope you excited.

This is all the step. For all this product, simple read down below:

1. Nails and nails glue by Daiso, each cost SGD 2.00

2. Catrice Nails polish buy at Watson sg, however, I probably suggest you to buy nail polish from The Face Shop, because most of them simply in attractive colors and it dry quicker than Catrice

 3. Sally Hansen Glitter nails buy at Watson sg. You can also buy in The Face Shop SG, the nail polish cost about SGD 6.00 to 7.00.

All the product probably only cost you to spend around SGD 20.00.

 This is all the DIY steps, hope the information is clear for you to follow, if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask, I will then teach you some more beauty tips to follow. If you happened to asked about makeup tutorial, up till now, I still have no confidence just yet to teach you, I can only do makeup for my own face, and I believe that each one of us blessed with different kind of figure therefore I really have no ideas how to teach, and I wish that you look more with MUA’s youtuber, like Peary Pie, Lisa Eldridge, Wayne Goss, Pony’s Makeup, Nikkia Joy, and Mario Dedivanovic. The real MUA’s

 I suggest you to also see AmRezy Instagram, she often do makeup but not too much, from here you can learn.

Hope to see you on my HOLYGRAIL JOURNEY for Highlighter palette, I will discuss everything about highlighter, and also provide you with few suggestion, that I often used 🙂 see you, love *drawloveintheair


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