USE IT or LOOSE IT: L’Oreal Whitening Day Cream review

USE IT or LOOSE IT: L’Oreal Whitening Day Cream review
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SPF can cause clogged pores because the formula is comedogenic. 

L’Oréal is not cruelty or vegan free brand

L’Oréal Paris has been in beauty industry for more than a decade. The product range from makeup, skincare, hair care and many more. However, they still have not yet doing the nail polish business and few others. Though L’Oréal have gained name in beauty industry, some people have still desired the brand to produce more good quality product, instead of just temporary. From Blake Lively to Doutzen Kroes has been the model with all other popular name. If you asked me to ranked the brand, Loreal is in equal rank with Revlon.

This two brand serve different type of segment – Revlon have no skincare product to offer tonthe customer but makeup, while L’Oréal try to serve more and cultivate their product to have more choices to their customer. The product that is popular nowadays for L’Oréal  is the Lucent Magique series. L’Oréal also cater to many age range for their skin care product. Don’t ask more about hair color because this brand is the top notch for hair color boxes that many people believed that it will never going to serve for long-lasting color but, L’Oréal dismissed those rumours and most people always choose their hair color.

According to their website, the whitening day cream can help reduces spots by controlling melanin production and visibly brightens skin tone for a more transparent skin. If you have no ideas about melanin or because you never even pay attention to your biology class during that day, hahahhaha… ooppsss…

Here you need to know about melanin: (source:

Melanin is the pigmentation in your natural skin and it’s responsible for your hair, eyes and skin color, too much melanin will create dark splotches and spot in your face. This is what cause some people who do too much skin care treatment or often change their skin care, by trying this and that, get the fleck even before they reach half century age. What you see on their face is the result of melanin clumping in certain spots, creating the darker areas.


They never stated any of the ingredients on the official site, but mentioned about:

Melanin-Vanish helps inhibit melanin production and fade out dark spots. Tourmaline Gemstone stimulates microcirculation for a more radiant rosy glow. Use every morning on cleansed face and neck.

Price: IDR 200.000 + (kinda forget the exact price but around this- do check nearby drug store)


The container is a rounder jar and it comes in two size: 20 ml and 50 ml, mine is 50 ml, never know there is 20 ml. using in the morning without the need to apply any face sunblock anymore because the day cream provide SPF 17 and PA+++. You can use makeup spatula, if you don’t like the sticky feeling of the gel. Whe I dipped in my finger inside the jar, the cream quantity is less than what the jar looks like, probably sustained by 2 month or more, because you only use it during the day time so, it once a day. The cream feeling is not as soft and no gel feeling as the night cream will. White in color, whereas night cream is dark blue turned transparent but this cream won’t turn into transparent, much more like face sunblock.


Rating: 0 out of 5


White Perfect Fairness Control Day Cream lightens the skin tone and reduces brown spots

Gives softer, smoother and moisturized Skin

Complexion appears more luminous and rosy with tourmaline gemstone

Melanin Vanish helps to reduce spots and brightens the skin tone

SPF 17 and PA++ protects from skin damage

Day after day the complexion appears more even, dark spots are reduced and skin looks more luminous



Producing acnes and pimples

The feeling of moisturiser, it makes me feel like just oily

The whitening thingy just work if you really have fair skin

Expensive for this kind of quality

The ingredients is not formulated for acne prone skin (not: oil free, non-comedogenic, or even
fragrance free)

Will you recommend the product? NOPE, either if you have dry or oily skin or healthy skin. Please don’t ruin your skin.

Will I repurchased the product? NOPE. I am quite disappointed that L’Oréal making this kind of product that led to small pimples around my face.

VERDICT: LOOSE IT – I personally dislike day cream with SPF, I prefer to have it one on one, SPF cream alone and face cream alone, not mixed it up in 1 product, like this!


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Have you try L’Oreal whitening day cream? Any thought about the product or concerned, feel free to ask. If you have any beauty tips that you wanted to share, feel free to comment down below.



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