WORTH IT or THROW IT: RIMMEL LONDON MASCARA REVIEW (Scandal eyes reloaded mascara and Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil Extreme Black)

For this post, we going to discuss about the popular drug store makeup that you always find it on Watson store (my location is in Singapore)  RIMMEL LONDON mascara, 2 mascara, which are: Scandal eyes Reloaded Mascara for S$18.90 and Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil Extreme Black for S$21.90

Where to purchase (Singapore only)? at Watson store Singapore

The reason, I put into one post because both are…..Well you can find out about it, by scrolling down 🙂  To be honest I don’t really know how much they pay for those influencers in Singapore to promote everything, like the makeup for this x look and that x look and all of those sponsorships that the influencer will do, they even invite to event in London. I wonder now, how is the rest of the makeup? kinda feel worried about the brand —

At the beginning of their brand opening at Watson store, so many people are queue-ing for it, due to massive promotion that they do but then it stops — all the product that I wanted to buy is available, I was planning to buy it and at that time I was travelling to Indonesia due to my grand ma passed away and my sister wanted to ty on their product, when she arrived at the store, she didn’t expect that there are so many people queue-ing for this brand and then I back again to Singapore and try the product, decided to buy the mascara first, kinda have this feeling that the brand doesn’t really provide good quality product, since I try on the powder foundation and looks like it’s kinda powdery.

After that, I saw the mascara. the wording ‘Scandal eyes’ its really catchy and Wonderfull, based on the looks of the packaging, I assume that the mascara could be great, didn’t expect till like this. not working as mascara at all. It feels like I throw all the bucks that I spent on this makeup brand. But, what I said is only for these 2 mascara, I haven’t tried any other product from them yet but I didn’t have any plan to even buy the product from this brand anymore. I better start to purchase Palladio, the rice powder is quite popular and I am so curious for this brand 🙂 They do send me some love when I took the IG stories and tag them and NO, they don’t know if I have beauty blog 🙂

The first impression is they really took a good care of whatever exposure that they get from anyone on social media, by sending love and I think they are ready for Singapore, a country with high tech and everybody keep looking at their screen and scrolling through everything

For this post, I am not going through the ingredients but I will give the pricing and product outlook.


Doesn’t work as real mascara at all, its bad enough – not going to curl your lashes even though you using Shu Uemura curl lashes, still cannot make my own lashes appear to be as curly as when I use my own Maybelline mascara or L’Oréal miss manga mascara.

The verdict for sure I vote ‘NO’

Sorry to say that to your favorite brand but… NO is still NO for these two mascara, you may see my picture, I use both of them

Left using Wonderfull mascara and right using Scandal eyes reloaded mascara
Left: Wonderfull mascara – where is my lashes?
Right – using Scandal eyes reloaded mascara
This is how I look, can you see my lashes? for sure not? and I look fugly with my lashes that supposed to make my eyes look dramatic

Will I recommend? No.
Will I repurchase it? No.

Have you tried Rimmel London Mascara yet? Spill your tea in the comment


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