WORTH IT or THROW IT: REVLON Nail polish/color review

WORTH IT or THROW IT: REVLON Nail polish/color review

The history of the drugstore brand. This brand is popular in worldwide, they set their manufacturing process in China and selling in China as well, therefore this brand it’s not animal cruelty nor does it say that it’s vegan free. The level of this brand is same with Maybelline and L’Oréal. They still in strong position for their foundation, people still buy their lip balm matte and nail polish up till now – the selling is good and they achieve profit more and more. In any part of country like Indonesia, this is not considered a drugstore brand because they set the store in mall or plaza beauty lounge, placed with NYX cosmetics, Anna Sui, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Dior 🙂 if you want to go to Indonesia and go to their guardian store you may still find out as the guardian carry this brand but for any other drug store, you won’t find it.

My thought about this brand

This brand has provided strong ingredients, I never recommended you to use this brand for very long time or every day. You may use it every once a week or a month – not too often, as the ingredients are not friendly to our skin, especially base makeup


Good color

1-week sustainability

Colour matched as in the sample or nail polish bottle


Revlon have strong ingredients that could make your nail dry after few days’ application

Take long time to dry off

Color started to vanish after 4 days of application (without me doing my chores)

Ingredients: refer to this site click here http://www.revlon.com/about/ingredients

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Price: SG$ 19.90; IDR 100.000 – there is a probability that Revlon use different ingredients depending on the country that they sell it.

Will I recommend it?Yeap

Will I repurchase it? Yeap.

 Have you ever used Revlon Nail Lacquer? Spill your tea in the comment!


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