Choosing beauty cotton for your skin

Choosing beauty cotton for your skin

Hey guys, this post will be a beauty tips for you. I have no ideas if many of you will know about the different cotton will give different result for your skin. For all of us, we will be thinking that “is just cotton. So buy the cheap one and save $4 to buy more skin care, more makeup or more clothes?” hahahaha… Because that’s my own thinking. Never know how important cotton is

 So, this two cotton is different, as you can see on the picture above. Below picture is the brand that I use.

The square cotton does not have soft on the surface because there is no padding in it and the rounder have that soft looks and padding. There are many of beauty blogger that provide this tips and alongside with their favorite cotton. From Clé de Peau Beauté till Sephora soft cotton pads. However, for me, I buy this cotton on Beauty Language, because I also have members there and the price is not so expensive. I don’t know about Clé de Peau Beauté or chanel or even Sephora cotton pads, therefore I cannot give information or reviews about it, but this post is not about reviews only to tell you that different cotton lead to different result when you use your micellar water or any kind of skin caring that touch your face.

So, here is the pricing:

  •  BYPHASSE FACE COTTON PADS DUO 120’S are SGD 2.90/120 = 0.02, Available on, click here
  •  Watson Cotton 160 extra 50% are SGD 2.20/160 = SGD 0.01, Available on ,click here
  • Watson cotton 160 extra 50 triple pack are SGD 4.90/480 = SGD 0.10. For 6 pack which means 2 pack of triple pack are SGD 7.20, if you have the Watson member, and if you don’t have is 2 pack for SGD 7.90, which can be calculated SGD 7.20/960 = SGD 0.007, SGD 7.90/960 = SGD 0.008

 Have you used beauty cotton for your skincare application yet?


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