You have been warned this is the worst review I ever made. As you read above title, you know this is going to be




I already done the mini review for this one on my Instagram but I wanted to publish it officially on my own website 🙂

This eyeliner I purchased at Guardian store Singapore, attracted to their rose packaging, it’s cute and lovely in my eyes. Then I bring back home, testing it by swatches over in my clean arms, then I found that….. see the picture below:

Then see this picture:

I don’t know.. this suck.. the packaging. The reason why it’s suck is because:

  1. The name of eyeliner color is SUPER BLACK and tattoo eyeliner, which
    is means is darker than black but turned out its grey in my makeup face, it’s
    not even as black as my Maybelline Hyperliner

  2. The packaging contains the color name, whether it’s black or brown BUT, the eyeliner itself, didn’t provide any color name, so whether it’s black or brown, you still need to swatch it over your bare hands before you using it BUT if the scenario are you forget which and which, then immediately grab because you think the purple is the SUPER BLACK, when its brown, what will you do then? Re-apply but if you got no time to re-apply. One wrong color could affect the total look.

 All you have to do is label it. when actually labelling is part of the brand work, well just my opinion. I label my primer if it’s water base or not, because I feel it’s important. BUT…. For COLOR? Really Kpalette


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