OPEN BOX – Billion Dollar Brows

OPEN BOX – Billion Dollar Brows
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Hello guys, Today we shall open box from Billion Dollar
Brows.. yeaaayy.. total boxes that they sent directly from their office is 4 boxes
and I already opened the box of Brow Butter – pomade kit, if you have not read
the review, here is the link:

Billion Dollar Brows BDB Brow Butter – Pomade Kit – click here to see the review for this product.

.. and we left with 3 boxes to go, I will show you all of it and what you have to
do is just scrolling down till bottom of this page *wink

First box: The Best Sellers Kit 

This is the first purchased that I made with BDB and I fell in love with the Universal Brow Pencil and Brow Duo Pencil. I still using it 🙂 almost 2 years actually. Now, I fell in love with their Brow Butter and Smudge Brush


Brow Duo Pencil – I porvide the swatches, all you need to do is scroll down. I often use the highlight pencil for my brows after I draw them, to make it look on fleek *wink




The Brow Gel function is to make your naughty brrow remain sustain, similar things when you use hair gels to prevent any naughty hair and make it stay in place 🙂


This smudge brush function is to brush over the concelear pencil after you draw it, you sue this brush and to blend evenly and accordingly with your brow



The box tell the function for each one of it 🙂


2nd box: contains only two item



First item is pencil brow sharper, looking for the good one and here she is coming to me *wink







and I got 3 brow duo pencil, hahaha.. enough for 3 years 🙂




The swatch of  highlighter  (1st row)/ Concelear (2nd)  pencil and (3 rd) Universal brow pencil


Finally the last but not least BROW ON THE GO box




The box are similar to Brow Butter





Brow Tweezer


Brow Brush after you pluck your brows using tweezers, try to brush it up using this brush





This is the cutest, I love them in black or gold brown, ha! Can take it while I travel back to hometwon 😉 Kinda want to give it to my mom but hmmmm… I better save it for myself, HAHA….







And I also provide swatches for Brow powder and Brow butter,
along with Universal Brow pencil and the new Universal  Brow pencil


After seeing the swatches, I think the color is quite similar. However for the brow butter, the application is way way too good and because all of Billion Dollar Brows products is pigmented, therefore I am the happy user 🙂 not because I get the sponsorship and I am happy but if you get sponsorship for the brand that you love so much due to their good quality, of course you be happy. it’s like you get paid to go travel by Cathay pacific and its business class or if Singapore Airlines is Suite Class to go to 4 countries that you love so much (4 product of BDB), can you imagine?




 Thank you for viewing this post, If you have any thought or opinion, feel free to comment in the comment box section. I am happy to hear more from your opinion and will be right back to reply you 🙂




Disclaimer: The product in this post is sponsored by Billion Dollar Brows. Billion Dollar Brows do not have any right of the content of the post. Please read our Legal/Privacy Policy

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  1. Anonymous
    April 16, 2017 / 12:30 pm

    Love the way you took the shot!

  2. Ms prologue
    April 16, 2017 / 12:30 pm

    I pretty much like this brand, find it around sephora when I wanted to buy lipstick

  3. xxMs glamxx
    April 16, 2017 / 12:31 pm

    They have the brow tools and brow pencil, all in one.. like that product

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