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    Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you to my new sponsored post. I have been selected for a campaign with HairStory, woohoo… I was dreaming last time to have the hair like those hair model, every time I see the advertorial on tv.

    The product arrived. The color is white and the applicator is pumped. I completely in love with the shampoo. My dry hair loves it too. This is a shampoo that won’t dry my hair. I don’t need to worry if my hair will becoming so dry after I dye or use my hair curly tool.

    The fluffy cream




    Oh, forget to tell you all about Hairstory, so this is their Story









    If anyone wants to try the shampoo, you can visit this link and get in-depth information about HairStory,

    Thank you for reading it up 🙂

    Stalk them on Instagram: @HAIRSTORYSTUDIO or peek on their website: HAIRSTORY.COM

    Disclaimer: The product in this post is sponsored by HairStory. HairStory does not have any right t the content of the post.

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