WORTH IT or THROW IT: Clio Nail Styler

WORTH IT or THROW IT: Clio Nail Styler
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Hello again, nail junkie! This time again, it’s my favorite Korean brand and this one is full of gold and glitter, my favorite, hahaha… Since I am not someone who is so artistic and putting nail arts needed passion and persistence, therefore I purchased this nail glitter and gold.

I do really like Clio, however, this nail brand cannot sustain very long, especially if I not wearing hand cover when cleaning my dirty dishes, the color just faded away slowly and I need to re-apply it yet again.

This one doesn’t cost so much, I remember the price is around SGD 20.00 something at Watson, but now this nail polish is not being sold on Watson anymore, wonder why? Some Watson got this nail polish but some not really. To be honest, I actually prefer O.P.I still even thou after quite sometimes, this nail needed to be thrown away because the smell to me is quite strong and it’s not good for our lung. The reason for what I just say is because the price almost the same, just top up few bucks, you get the good one that long-lasting. However, this Clio already 1.5 years in my nail collections, no smell, and nothing changes, just like when I first purchased it, while O.P.I turned to have that strong smell.


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