I hope you guys already prepared for Christmas and everything went well in your life. Today topic will be about my experience with Salon Vim, Singapore. If you been following my Instagram, you will know how many time I change my hair color, from length (short, medium to long) and even the color from black to silver. I love to change my hair salon and hairstylist. I try several salon since I moved to Singapore. The salon that I already try are Jean yip salon, Tony and Guy, Shunji Matsuo and Salon Vim. The reason I choose Salon Vim is because the advertising where several local influencer are given sponsorship and their hair colour look good, so I was thinking ‘why not try it?’

Then, I persuade my sister into doing the color at Salon Vim. We both do, my hairstylist called Elise (if I’m not wrong to write her name). My first impression about her is she really done her job very well and look at my hair turned after wash on picture below.

The hair is highlight with silver and the color base is brunette. It does look like I almost dye 100% my hair into silver but It just the outer look. This is what I like about her, because she took initiative by suggesting me to do the hair color (picture below) and she also advice for using conditioner or hair serum.

First time dye in Salon Vim – this is after I wash it. nice for the first time, because my hair is natural black. I actually dislike the way she cut my hair, it feel to me that my hair is nowhere near flawless, it just short straight bob with horizontal end. Meh!

I like her, but NOT after the second time. I come back to her again for hair trim and the reason, I went back to her, even thou she cut my hair into horizontal look (nowhere near stylist at all), because she is the one that color my hair and cut it from the beginning with the intention to make my hair looks flawless and I trusted her. It indeed turned flawless and my friends also give compliment. Elise know what kind of hair style that will make the color turned popping and it’s was right decision to trust her.

She gave me headache during the second meeting . She keep doing marketing here and there, asked me to do hair treatment this and that, I surrender to her and we do the treatment. Here is the things: I know that as hairstylist, she probably have a sales target that she need to fulfill. However, I don’t think that by pushing customer into doing the service to achieve the target is a good things to do as service provider, if they still want their customer to come back.

I noticed that several business in Singapore doing this kind of marketing activities and I clearly know that sales is the easiest job to get in Singapore. If you ever learn law, the Sale of Goods and Services law tell everything about how the contract is made, the parties that will perform that contract and how the contract is fulfilled. Pushing a customer into entering the contract which automatically make the contract void. It’s not a good attitude of a business or a person to push someone into entering an activity where two parties have to bind themselves by performing something.

After that incident with Elise, I stopped coming to Salon Vim bugis branch and engage with her service. I was clearly disappointed with her service performance. She texted me twice after that in which I ignore her text. It’s way too much for me to just get her attitude.

The second time is with Eric, which is my sister hairstylist.  I came when Elise is not on duty, it’s Monday! She off that day. I don’t want to create any awkward moment between these predators, which I think Eric is not predator still at this time. I do the hair color. He told me to do purple. The reason, hair stylist ask you to dye your hair pink, purple, or red is because these color will be so quick to fade away and you gotta run back to your hairstylist for the touch-up.

I am a former hairstylist for nearly 5 years and I know about hair, for sure.

At the cashier, he asked my Instagram account and he know that I do blog so he immediately asked me to post my hair photo that we took which above photo on Instagram. He loves to take a snap shot of his creation and post it to Instagram and I don’t mind to help him in advertising his creativity for free.

He is now moved from Bugis branch to Wisma Atria.

Third hair color with Salon Vim and this is the 2nd time, I engage service with Eric, yet he still chooses purple, which I think is alright, since I do like purple at that time and planned to dye my hair back to black.
The picture below is after I washed. Taken for sponsorship of HairStory hair balm. My hair condition is pretty dry. Since I have to do bleaching again because my hair is growing and I want it to turn into silver like the first time (1st picture), so Eric have to bleach it. After I wash it for the 3rd times, the root color turned into ombre, which I feel so pissed off since I paid about S$400.00 and total I spend is S$1000.00.

The reason that I dislike the salon is because:

  1. The service is pushy
  2. The hair color doesn’t turned well after I wash my hair.
  3. Eric is not that good of hairdressers but he is not pushy, yet Elise is a good hairdresser but very pushy

The reason I like is:

  1. How enthusiastic the hairstylist to create creativity by reading the customer
  2. They love their jobs

You can blame that I don’t do hair treatment or my hair are really bad! anything! that makes my hair color into ombre. Before you judge let me tell you something hair color is using a color ingredient that is very strong, called hydrogen peroxide. If you having experience of scalp itchiness during the procedure is because of hair color. That is not because the salon using bad products but it’s because you are allergic to the color ingredients called p-phenylenediamine. Trick it by leaving few cm of your hair root, so it won’t touch your scalp.

If you happened to curl or straighten, you shouldn’t dye your hair for 1 years. If your hairstylist tells you that “it’s okay, you can wait for 1-2 month” that’s a totally a lie, your hair will turn worst than ever. Hair treatment will not gonna save it. Hair cuticle only accept this amount but you already exceed the amount, hair couldn’t take up that amount and it causes hair fall and scalp swollen or wound that turned into bleeding that will make extra space for dandruff.

In this condition, your scalp is so sensitive and it doesn’t produce oil that actually works to protect your scalp and cuticle. You should leave it unwashed for 3 days to let your scalp produce oil. if your scalp is wounded seek immediate medication for the wound from professional. Do not leave it untreated. Application of all types of conditioner, hair mask, hair spa or do any kind of hair treatment, will only give a temporary result. Hair treatment can only be done before the hair problem occurs.

Have you engage with Salon Vim Service? spill your tea in the comment!


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