Ulzzang makeup tutorial : Let's play with eyeshadow

Hello fairies, today we are gonna play with eyeshadow. I created summer look eyeshadow using orange base so that my eyes look more rounder and sharper. If you have sharp eyes look and wanted to create bigger eyes makeup look, you may want to use pastel color with deep tone. such as deep orange tone and pair it with glitter.

You can use eyeliner for without wing for this look, bceause wing eyeliner will create sharp eyes and we want rounder and bigger eyes. Take a look at the tutorial below and don't forget to follow my Instagram.

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Single shadow tutorial for Korean look

Hello fairies, today I am sharing with you how to style your eyeshadow with single shade only but make it 


This tutorial is best for those of you who dislike blending your eyeshadow but still want to look extra because using eyeshadow with liner making your eyes even bigger than it looks.

Watch below tutorial and check out the makeup list. Also don't forget to click on follow:

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MAKEUP TUTORIAL: How-to styling with Black Eyeshadow

Hello fairies, this week we are gonna learn how to apply black eyeshadow to make our eye socket deeper. This makeup style is suitable for those who want to appear fierce and sexy with bold eyes. The makeup styling will change your overall style. It changes how you look and give you western kind of look when you wear coloured contact lens.

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Korean Hairstyle: Styling for WFH

Hi Fairies, today sharing hairstyle tutorial using pretty clip for those of you who is working at home and zoom meeting. Watch below:

Summer Peachy Korean makeup look

Hi fairies, this week I decided to try doing simple korean makeup look with summer vibes. I am so in love with this makeup look, since it give refreshing and sweet kind of vibes. Watch my tutorial: